Use Yogurt To Help Soothe Skin Burns

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plain greek yogurtIt never ceases to amaze me how certain foods, plants, and common household items can resolve certain health problems in a pinch. Got heartburn? No worries, just drink one or two caps of apple cider vinegar and your heartburn will resolve itself in minutes. Have an eye infection? Just dabble a few drops of raw, organic honey into your eyes to naturally rinse away bacteria. Suffering from a sunburn or minor chemical burn? Apply plain yogurt to your face!

A neighbor of mine has been working with chemical solutions for an art project. He always wears proper protective gear (eye goggles, thick layers of clothing, apron, bandana), but yesterday, suffered a minor burn on the skin of his neck after leaning over a pot of steam generated by the chemical solution he was working with. The burns were relatively minor and didn’t affect him until this morning, when he described experiencing unrelenting itching on his neck. A bit of redness and inflammation was also present.

To avoid having to buy an over-the-counter remedy to soothe his burns, my neighbor asked me for help with researching natural remedies that could soothe and relieve his itching. We learned that aloe vera is a top natural remedy for treating burns, but neither of us had any all-natural or 100% organic aloe vera on hand that lacked dyes and additives. Honey was also at the top of the list, but my neighbor didn’t want anything too sticky or messy applied to his neck.

We finally settled on yogurt.

According to numerous sources on the web, the probiotics and enzymes present in cultured plain yogurt have the ability to naturally soothe and heal red, burned, inflamed skin. Even the doctors at Prevention recommend using yogurt as a home remedy to soothe skin burns and inflammation.

Luckily, I had a carton of plain, all-natural cultured Greek yogurt in the fridge (pictured at top left). We even added turmeric in powder form to make a super salve, since turmeric is highly effective at helping reduce inflammation (pictured below). Upon spreading the yogurt/turmeric mixture on his face, my friend experienced immediate relief. No need to spend extra on medical treatments or medicinal products when you’ve got the best solution at home in your own refrigerator!

yogurt turmeric mixture
Yogurt + powdered turmeric mixture

If you’re planning on using yogurt to soothe burns, use a yogurt brand that contains live cultures, and that also lacks sugar, preservatives, and additives. Otherwise, you may do more harm to your skin than good.

And remember, don’t resort to using at-home remedies to treat burns unless you’ve read my legal disclaimer, or have consulted with your healthcare provider for medical guidance beforehand.

Do you use at-home remedies to treat sunburn or skin burns, and if so, what’s your go-to remedy?


2 thoughts on “Use Yogurt To Help Soothe Skin Burns

  1. I have a friend who swears by vinegar for sunburns. I’ve never tried it but she said her son got a bad sunburn when he was younger and the vinegar took care of it immediately!


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