7 benefits of showering BEFORE your workout

woman showeringNearly everyone understands the importance of taking a shower following a workout. A post-workout shower aids in recovery, helps relieve muscle soreness, and cleans sweat and bacteria from your skin to reduce the risk for infections and breakouts. But did you know that taking a shower BEFORE your workout also comes with benefits?

You may be thinking, why would I shower before my workout if I’m going to get sweaty anyway? Wouldn’t showering before my workout be pointless and a waste of time?

Showering before your workout offers a number of science-proven benefits that can actually enhance your performance, and bring you closer to reaching your fitness goals.Read More »


Infatuation, and how it affects your brain chemistry

difference between infatuation and loveInfatuation can often be mistaken for love. It’s always been said that love can make you do crazy things, but what if infatuation is truly to blame?

Science nerds understand infatuation as a term that describes the way your brain chemistry is altered when you’re strongly attracted to someone. Some people call it a crush, some call it obsession, and some call it love.

If you’re not careful with managing your emotions, infatuation can make you do insane, impulsive things that can negatively affect your overall livelihood. Infatuation interacts with many of the same brain chemicals that control mood and behavior, and can make you feel euphoric and distracted to the point you may neglect other areas of your life just so you can get closer to that special someone.

But if you ARE careful with managing your emotions and staying in check, infatuation can be a lovely, beautiful thing that grows into real love. After all, infatuation is a prerequisite to every great love story, and can be a wonderful way to begin your life with someone you may truly end up falling in real love with.Read More »

3 awesome reasons to eat cottage cheese for bodybuilding and weight loss

Cottage cheeseDon’t let the “cheese” in cottage cheese deter you from this healthy superfood! If your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, and improve your metabolism, it’s time to stock your refrigerator with cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese offers an array of health benefits: it’s packed with nutrients, convenient to eat, and keeps you feeling full for long periods of time thanks to its high protein content. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight or build muscle, cottage cheese lends to a stronger immune system and improved overall bodily function.Read More »

5 ways to prevent hormonal imbalance from ruining your life

preventing hormonal imbalanceAsk most people what they visualize when they hear the phrase “hormonal imbalance” and they’ll describe a middle-aged, PMS-ing, menopausal woman. But what many don’t realize is that hormonal imbalance affects both men and women equally, and is partly to blame for major health epidemics such as obesity, low sex drive, and depression.

Thankfully, there are ways you can reverse problems with hormonal imbalance naturally without having to rely on prescription medications and costly invasive treatments.

Check out these 5 healthy ways to regulate and re-balance your hormones.Read More »

8 natural ways to prevent pimples and acne breakouts

popping pimplesFor some reason my Twitter feed is always loaded with silly posts by women who have boldly announced they’ve accepted and “embraced” their problems with acne and pimples. I’ve read about women struggling with finding treatments that eliminate acne, and about women who’ve accepted that acne is “part of who they are.” This is BS, because there’s no reason anyone should ever have to live with acne problems.

Contrary to the popular belief that acne is hereditary and nothing can be done about it, acne can actually be prevented and eliminated through clean, healthy lifestyle habits. That means eating a diet comprised of healthy whole foods, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and practicing good hygiene, among other things.

You don’t necessarily need birth control pills to prevent acne breakouts (a healthy lifestyle can naturally help regulate your hormones), and you definitely don’t need to invest in acne products or treatments loaded with chemicals, which could only worsen your health.Read More »

Use yogurt to help soothe skin burns

plain greek yogurtIt never ceases to amaze me how certain foods, plants, and common household items can resolve certain health problems in a pinch. Got heartburn? No worries, just drink one or two caps of apple cider vinegar and your heartburn will resolve itself in minutes. Have an eye infection? Just dabble a few drops of pure, organic honey into your eyes to naturally rinse away bacteria. Suffering from a sunburn or minor chemical burn? Apply yogurt to your face!

A neighbor of mine has been working with chemical solutions for an art project. He always wears proper protective gear (eye goggles, thick layers of clothing, apron, bandana), but yesterday, suffered a minor burn on the skin of his neck after leaning over a pot of steam generated by the chemical solution he was working with. The burns were relatively minor and didn’t affect him until this morning, when he described experiencing unrelenting itching on his neck. A bit of redness and inflammation was also present.Read More »

What are ghrelin and leptin, and why are these hunger hormones important?

balancing leptin and ghrelinAsk most people what they know about hormones and they’ll instantly start chattering about sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. However, there are about 50 different hormones in the human body, and all of them play important roles in your health and in normal bodily function.

For instance, stress hormone cortisol helps your body function optimally in times of stress, while sleep hormone melatonin regulates your sleep patterns and wards off disease. But when it comes to hunger and your eating behavior, the hormones ghrelin and leptin are responsible for telling you when you feel hungry, and when it’s time to stop eating, respectively.Read More »