Infatuation and your brain chemistry: how to prevent this chemical “love” explosion from ruining your life

difference between infatuation and loveInfatuation is often confused with love. They say love makes you do crazy things, but what if infatuation is really to blame?

Infatuation is a term that describes the way your brain chemistry is altered when you become strongly attracted to someone. Some people call it a crush, some call it obsession, and some unknowingly call it love.

If you’re not careful with managing your emotions, infatuation can make you do insane, impulsive things that have devastating effects on your overall livelihood and well-being. Some break off relationships and marriages under the impression they’re in love with someone new, while others exhaust their savings accounts or jeopardize their careers just to be closer to that special someone they hardly know.Read More »

3 awesome reasons to eat cottage cheese for bodybuilding and weight loss

Cottage cheeseCottage cheese may be a dairy product with the word “cheese” in its name, but don’t let these two insignificant facts fool you when it comes to matters of nutrition. This superfood is actually one of the healthiest foods you can eat if your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, and improve your metabolism.

Cottage cheese offers an array of health benefits: it’s packed with nutrients, convenient to eat, and keeps you feeling full for long periods of time thanks to its high protein content. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight or build muscle, cottage cheese lends to a stronger immune system and improved overall bodily function.Read More »

Choosing between Uber and Lyft for my workout transportation

uber and lyft rides

Up until recently, I had considered Uber and Lyft the types of services primarily used by hipsters in super cool cities like San Francisco and L.A. I never knew how Uber worked until I watched season 2 of HBO’s Togetherness, which starred Mark Duplass as an Uber driver who hooked up with one of his riders. The on-demand driving service didn’t exactly seem like something I would ever use, for any reason.

Three days a week, my friend drives us to my favorite local park where I do my running and strength-training workouts. Last month, my friend’s schedule changed and I was forced to find a new way to get to the park. Since I work from home and live within walking distance of everything I need EXCEPT the park, I figured I would try using Uber and Lyft as my workout transportation.

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Uber: SarahA22535UE

Lyft: SarahAnn7777

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Throwing a Frisbee “the right way”

playing-frisbeePlaying Frisbee is one of my favorite leisure activities. I’m always joking about how the man of my dreams would know how to properly throw a Frisbee and want to play with me regularly. Frisbee is fun, and puts me in a great mood.

My friend and I try to play at least once per week. In the beginning, our games were relatively mellow and we’d lazily toss the Frisbee back and forth between the 20 feet or so that separated us. Today, our games are played on baseball fields so we have enough room to run for and catch extreme Frisbee tosses.

My friend and I play with two different regulation Frisbees: a neon yellow one for daytime play, and this cool LED Frisbee by GoSports that lights up for nighttime play.Read More »

Why microwaved food is bad for your health

cartoon microwaveThe microwave was my mom’s favorite go-to appliance when we were growing up. She microwaved canned vegetables to complement steak or chicken, or heated up frozen burritos on the fly if we needed to be somewhere.

Leftovers were stored in plastic storage containers and heated up in the microwave for lunch and dinner. We even used the microwave to heat up candy bars stored in the freezer. My brother and I were always getting sick; if only we knew then what we knew today about the health hazards associated with microwave use.Read More »

Make homemade shampoo and get cleaner hair!

washing hairHow much money do you normally spend on shampoo every year? If you go organic or all-natural, shampoo can get costly, especially if you’re shopping at specialty health food stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts. Even Trader Joe’s offers limited options for shampoo, and the brands they sell tend to dry out hair (and to be honest, don’t clean it that great, either).

Lately I’ve become frustrated with shampoo brands because not only am I paying more for natural ingredients, but the shampoos are failing to clean my hair even after massaging it onto my scalp and allowing it to sit for several minutes. Read More »