Throwing a Frisbee “The Right Way”

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playing-frisbeePlaying Frisbee is one of my favorite leisure activities. I’m always joking about how the man of my dreams will know how to properly throw a Frisbee and want to play with me regularly. Frisbee is fun, and puts me in a great mood.

My friend and I try to play at least once per week. In the beginning, our games were relatively mellow and we’d lazily toss the Frisbee back and forth between the 20 feet or so that separated us. Today, our games are played on baseball fields so we have enough room to run for and catch extreme Frisbee tosses.

My friend and I play with two different regulation Frisbees: this Discraft Ultrastar frisbee for daytime play, and this cool LED Frisbee by GoSports that lights up for nighttime play.

Where Are All the Legit Frisbee Players?

Once in a great while, spectators will ask to join in on our Frisbee games and I get excited about the possibility of making new Frisbee friends. I immediately start fantasizing about future evenings and weekends spent laughing uproariously with my awesome new athletic friends who can toss a Frisbee perfectly. But my hopes are quickly dashed when they toss the Frisbee and it either dies after a few feet, or flies in the opposite direction.

Though I’m always polite and gleefully chase after their wayward tosses, I think to myself, why don’t these people know how to throw a Frisbee? Didn’t they ever play Frisbee as kids? Didn’t they ever while away lazy summer evenings tossing Frisbee in their backyards or at the beach?

Isn’t Frisbee supposed to be a national pastime just like baseball? It’s just like riding a bike! Who doesn’t know how to ride a bike?! How in the world do people NOT know how to play Frisbee?

The Right Way To Throw a Frisbee

Okay, so there’s no “right” way to throw a Frisbee, as long as it reaches your intended target. The comfortable, most natural way to throw a Frisbee is what’s known as the backhand toss.

To learn the backhand toss, check out these moves demonstrated by the guy at Ultimate Frisbee HQ. Most of his tosses are impressive, though fairly advanced, and might work better for those who can’t quite nail the backhand throw. My next Frisbee challenge? I’m totally tackling this guy’s “Low Release Backhand” move!

Do you play Frisbee, and if so, what’s your favorite type of throw? Share your comments below!


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