How to wash rice for a better, cleaner taste

clean white riceAfter my workout today I went to my favorite local Korean restaurant for a seafood tofu soup bowl loaded with shrimp, clams, and mussels. This charming Asian eatery serves its tofu bowls with fresh kimchi and rice on the side. When the soup comes, you put a small amount of rice on your spoon, then dip it into the soup.

The food at this restaurant is always incredibly fresh, high in quality, and absolutely delicious! Another reason I continue eating here is the fact this restaurant serves clean rice. What is clean rice, you ask?

Clean rice is rice that has been rinsed thoroughly before cooking. If you eat a lot of rice, you can eventually tell when rice has been cleaned, and when it hasn’t. I won’t tattle and name-drop here, but I’ve eaten at plenty of restaurants that serve dirty rice, and I’m never eating at those places again!Read More »