Is Reverse Osmosis Water Really Healthier Than Other Purified Water?

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clean-clear-cold-drink-416528Clean water is essential to staying healthy, hydrated, and disease-free, and often tastes far better than water that comes from wells and municipal reserves. Today, we have access to many types of water purification systems for our homes, which can make it difficult to narrow it down to the healthiest, most economical filtration method.

After many years of having tried numerous water filtration systems and filling water bottles at fill stations, I’ve come to realize that reverse osmosis (RO) systems provide the cleanest, best-tasting, and healthiest water. The CDC reports that RO systems are highly effective at removing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and common chemical contaminants from water such as chloride, copper, and lead. RO systems are also far more convenient and cost-effective than bottled water!

Here’s a look at the benefits of drinking RO water, how RO systems work, and how to choose a quality, economical RO system for your home.Read More »