5 ways to improve your running form

running-shoesNow that the weather is cooler, I’m seeing a lot more runners visiting my favorite local park. This is super exciting for me, and while I’m stoked to finally be sharing the path with other runners, I can’t help but cringe inwardly when I check out other people’s running forms.

Some people angrily clench water bottles or smartphones in their fists while they run, while others look as if they took running lessons from the dancing kids in A Charlie Brown Christmas. While half of me can’t help but giggle and wonder what on earth these people are thinking, the other part of me feels bad that these people aren’t gaining much from their workouts. Poor running form not only hinders your performance, but increases your risk for muscle soreness and injury.Read More »


4 tips for running outdoors in extreme heat

running outdoorsIn my city, daily summer temperatures usually average between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. While milder summer temperatures in other parts of the U.S. are pleasant enough to lure people outdoors, most runners who live in desert climates head to their gyms for treadmill runs, or change their routines altogether just to beat the heat.

While I enjoy having the running path all to myself throughout the summer, sometimes I miss the camaraderie I could be sharing with other runners brave enough to withstand the heat. This is when I think to myself: would runners be more willing to stay outside if they fully understood the benefits of exercising in temperatures over 100 degrees? Better yet, would more runners stay outdoors if they knew how to properly care for themselves in hot temperatures?Read More »